The Long and Short of Pallu

One of the most critical features of a perfect saree drape is the pallu, which determines the look you would be carrying. Few tips to help you decide the ideal style are:

  • Contrary to the popular belief of tucking the tummy pleats  first – the right trick to put the pallu in place first. This gives you the remaining portion of the saree which can be styled in the tummy pleats.
  • If your saree has the key designing on pallu, then its imperative to go for a flaring pallu which should be extended quite low (in the balck saree)
  • In you are wearing a saree which has border work, the ideal look is to go pleated this will add a very rich look near your face with collective border. Length of the pleated pallu in trend is just till your knee (in white saree)
  • variations available in pleated pallu come in the form of how you choose to arrange the bottom of pallu pleats – You can chose to line all the pleats at the same level which is vintage style or the more trendy look to go zig-zag on the pleats.
  • Don’t forget to pin the pallu on shoulder to hold it in place for both the styles. In case of pleated pallus it is ideal to pin up the pleats without attaching to the blouse and then pin the lower pleat of pallu on the shoulder for better grip.
  • For a neater look on the front, pin up the pallu on the belt of the blouse once you have set it up at front, this will help avoid slipping of pallu in the front and gives a steady look without any need for you to keep re-arranging.

Hope you find these tips useful.

Do add in any tips here which might add to the style of you divas….

Keep looking gorgeous!!

Team Rang Riwaaz



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